Indian Centre for Social Transformation - GPMS Transportal
Indian CST welcomes you to try the new version of its TRANSPORTAL that is intended to facilitate citizen engagement in governance.

The TRANSPORTAL is an ICT initiative for Citizen Engagement in Governance at all levels with Information for All.

  1. It leverages state of art technologies like cloud computing, big data, mobile apps, analytical engines etc. with management concepts like crowd sourcing, professional project management, program monitoring, evaluation and control etc.
  2. It is a real-time decision support system.
  3. By using the Transportal, achieving all the Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals well before 2030 will become a reality.
  4. It is an omnibus ICT tool for Citizen Engagement in myriad contexts.
  5. It applies to all levels of Governance from Global to Local and even Corporate Governance.
  6. It puts Citizen F.I.R.S.T and foremost and has Information for all on selected issues of Governance.
  7. It gives the Governance a single point of contact for ascertaining citizen preferences for the policy formulation as well as it gives Citizen, a single window of delivery of citizen services as per citizen charter.
  8. It is a common Communication portal for responsible sharing of information between all stakeholders.
  9. It facilitates stakeholder management and helps in TEAM building.
  10. It facilitates revenue department to monitor Property Taxes, all R-codes, all P-codes, all Projects, complaints with advanced analytics.
  11. It facilitates and provides a Toll-Free Solution.
  12. It facilitates organizations to get in touch with masses instantly.
  13. It facilitates and provides real time citizens / customers feedback.
  14. It facilitates automated outbound survey and Inbound promo survey solution.
  15. It facilitates citizens with open, easy access to information.

You could see the Demo Video to know about all the GPMS-Transportal Features and the Demo user logins below is available for viewing the Global level, National level, State / UT level, City level, Panchayat level, Village level, Block level, Municipal Corporation level. City Municipal Council level, Town Municipal Council level, Town Panchayat level, Gram Panchayat level, Citizens level. If are Interested in connecting with fellow citizens, government officials, corporates on this India Citizens Network to take India forward then please register at

India Citizens Network GPMs transportal demo user log in link - Click here

This is totally an indigenous cloud computing platform product conforming to the ‘Make in India’ Policy of the Govt. of India and perhaps it may not be an exaggeration to say that the myriad features available in this TRANSPORTAL are not available, off the shelf, in many standard software packages being marketed by MNC's across the Globe. This TRANSPORTAL can make a headway in reducing the digital divide because it has the capability of establishing link between G to C and C to G because many citizen centric services can be effectively delivered and monitored on a time bound basis by the government. The citizens’ participation in governance can be enabled in many ways including mobile services. Thus the main objective of DIGITAL INDIA mission can be effectively implemented by the govt. by deploying this TRANSPORTAL.

This Make in India’s Innovative GPMS TRANSPORTAL integrated with multiple banks payment gateways and intelligent router has the fullest capability to provide e-tool for monitoring and evaluation of flagship programs of the Govt. of India such as EPASHUHAAT, SMART CITIES, AMRUT CITIES, SWATCH BHARAT,MAKE IN INDIA, SKILL INDIA, DIGITAL INDIA, SATH, Online medical records, Open Source Pharma affordable medicines for all, programs or initiatives etc. GPMS-Transportal public cloud is hosted from CSIR 4PI India’s own highly secured supercomputing infrastructure facility of government of India.This internet access to technology will not only empower the masses but also make people accessible to the government which will become the 2-way communication between citizens and government.

The new version of our GPMS-Transportal has the following USP's

  1. Citizens Cloud computing solutions along with E-Vault which will become a one-stop information backbone portal for communities, entrepreneurs, sponsors and general public.
  2. Generic GPMS-FMS as per NMAM will act as an evaluation e-tool for any organization use, customers can utilize individual products, a combination of products and services or the entire suite. Govt. of India Ministries, Departments, NGO’s, MSME, Industry, Social Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs, Students, GoI Schemes / Programs, International Companies, Corporates, Tax Compliance, Experts, Crowd Sourcing, Banks, etc.
  3. 20 Mobile Applications integrated into India Citizens Network and Projects (The Photos, Videos, Audios are automatically geo-stamped & transmitted immediately to Document Management System (DMS) folder – no tampering of GPS/photo/Audio/Video information possible)
  4. A Generic Document Management System integrated as per NDSAP with crawler to mine data for banks, insurance companies, financial services which will become their single window e-KYC verification platform
  5. iLayer online analytics e-tool enabled with a customized dashboard for auto generation of MIS reports
  6. Generic User Management - The User can invite friends, import contacts, post text/video discussions, rate, review and recommend interested products, participate in a survey, take a poll and earn points
  7. Document level security integrated
  8. For all Central Govt. of India or State Govt. organizations project related databases integrated into a single database with various analytics reports enabled
  9. India Citizen Network will not only empower the masses but also make people accessible to the government and technology.
  10. The Data center in box, Smart TV and Smart PC integrated with the GPMS TRANSPORTAL devise as a paid service can also be made available
  11. Over the last 8 years, Indian Centre for Social Transformation (Indian CST) has built a GPMS TRANSPORTAL Cloud Enabled, Public Finance Management with Citizen Participation for ushering in Digital Transformation and Good Governance from Global to Local levels.

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